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Summer Days, Fleeting Thoughts, Bittersweet Memories

It’s funny how life can take you along so quickly, as if it is fleeing away from you. I wake up one morning, and the next thing I know, the quarter is over. Some days, I miss Jay so much I bus home just to see him. I am currently set to graduate in Spring of 2018 and my future beyond that is all a surprise. If I do end up going to graduate school, I will take him. If not, I plan on staying around the area (if I can afford it) and living with Jay. As scary as the future seems, it’s reassuring knowing Jay will always be with me. No matter what mood I am in, he can always cheer me up. My 20th birthday is coming up in 9 days, and here I am, feeling lost as ever. Yet this time, it’s comforting. The sense of “lost” is comforting. I wonder if Jay ever feels lost, as if his soul is searching around. Jay, if you do feel this way, I hope you find the same comfort I find in you.

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Jay’s other best friend: Sheevah

Jay has always had an older sister. Well, more like an old grandmother. We have had Sheevah for about 8 years now, and we are guessing she is somewhere around 16 years old. She has always been a bit sassy and shy around new people, so bringing a puppy into the family was a bit of a leap. For the first few days, Sheevah basically just hissed day and night while pawing at Jay’s little head with her clawless paws. Just as we expected, she wasn’t very happy with our new family member. One day, I found them sitting next to each other. Ever since then, we would occasionally catch them snuggling up with each other or even cleaning each other.


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Mr. Unicorn; Jay’s Best Friend

When we first brought Jay home, we weren’t very ready. I gave him a little green unicorn I had won at the Puyallup fair the previous summer as his first toy. He instantly fell in love with it. Two years and a few months later, my friend gave me a giant version of the same unicorn. I have sewed up the little one a couple times now, but I sure hope the big guy doesn’t get destroyed! Out of all of his toys, he has still stuck with the little green unicorn every night. As much as I spoil him, he seems to still be grateful for the very first gift I gave him 🙂

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Rattlesnake Lake Adventures

On Sunday, June 24th 2017, we took a 4 mile roundtrip hike up Rattlesnake ledge in about 100 degrees. Jay was totally fine, while I was not. He was leading the group the WHOLE hike, and would even stop and look back at us, as if we weren’t going fast enough for him. It’s crazy to think a 12 pound little dude can have so much energy packed into him. Afterwards, we suffered through pumping up two paddleboards and heading out towards the lake. After Jay’s near death experience in the backyard pond when he was 3 months old, I wasn’t expecting him to swim, even with his new nifty life vest. To my surprise, he swam amazingly! He even tried to “rescue”me after I got into the water. While on the paddleboard, he jumped into the lake once in awhile, probably just to give me little heart attacks. Once we got home, Jay was still full of energy.


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Meet Baby Jay!

Welcome home, Jay! At two months old, we rescued him from an old lady who wasn’t able to take care of him anymore. Little did we know, we actually brought him home with ticks… but after a visit to the vets and some baths, he was all good! His original name was Jerry Dog, or JD for short. Funny thing is, my dad’s initials are also JD! Since those names seemed a bit long, we decided on Jay.

First day home, he fell asleep on my ankle after running around the grass for a couple minutes. On his ride back home, he whined like a dolphin until he was cuddled. I have never had a dog before, so I’m not really sure what I was expecting. At the time, all I knew was that I needed a pal, someone who would be there fore me no matter what. Jay was the perfect little guy. He filled the empty void that slowed me down the last couple years of high school. He opened my eyes to future possibilities, dreams that I had never dreamed.

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Welcome to the world of Emily and Jay

Here I am, sitting in my communications class, bored to death. So what do I do? Start a blog for my little pupperino, of course! Here is the most recent picture of Jay, at the top of Rattlesnake Ledge after hiking for an hour in 100 degrees. What a little trooper he is 🙂

My little dude is currently 2 years old and has an infinite amount of energy. He never fails to put a smile on my face, no matter what the situation is. Fearless, contagiously happy, admirable, and sassy are only a few ways I can describe him.

Jay joined our family of 4 and a fat cat, right before my high school graduation. Ever since day one, he has provided nothing but love to us. I constantly think about him, and even just the thought of him can brighten my whole day. Sadly, college has limited the time I have with him every week, but once I graduate, I plan on getting a dainty little house with a huge yard for him.