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Rattlesnake Lake Adventures

On Sunday, June 24th 2017, we took a 4 mile roundtrip hike up Rattlesnake ledge in about 100 degrees. Jay was totally fine, while I was not. He was leading the group the WHOLE hike, and would even stop and look back at us, as if we weren’t going fast enough for him. It’s crazy to think a 12 pound little dude can have so much energy packed into him. Afterwards, we suffered through pumping up two paddleboards and heading out towards the lake. After Jay’s near death experience in the backyard pond when he was 3 months old, I wasn’t expecting him to swim, even with his new nifty life vest. To my surprise, he swam amazingly! He even tried to “rescue”me after I got into the water. While on the paddleboard, he jumped into the lake once in awhile, probably just to give me little heart attacks. Once we got home, Jay was still full of energy.



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